“Enjoying the Journey” – Scott Pauley

Enjoying-the-Journey-2020-Album-ArtworkWe all need encouragement along the journey. The Bible provides the only true roadmap and Jesus Christ is the only faithful companion for the journey of life. In this ten-minute daily study, Evangelist Scott Pauley shares truths from the Word of God for “Enjoying the Journey.”

“Let’s Be Real” – Chris Lee

A podcast about the Bible, current events, controversial topics, and ministry!  Bro. Chris Lee is the Pastor’s Assistant at Temple Baptist Church in Gulfport, MS.

Listen to “Let’s Be Real”

“The Church Planter’s Roundtable” – Nick White

Nick White, a church planter in the Boston area, hosts this podcast on a weekly basis.  It is geared toward helping other church planters, but you will find that the conversations can be a great help to anyone in the ministry!

Listen to “The Church Planters Roundtable”

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