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Why Tears?

“Jesus wept.” – John 11:35 It is the shortest verse in all the Word of God. Nine letters and two words. Yet what power they portray! So, what is it that caused the Son of God to shed tears? Was it that His friend… Continue Reading “Why Tears?”

The Tabernacle: The Inner Court

(Lesson 4 of 4) As we approach the inner court of the tabernacle, let’s reflect on what it took to get here.  First, we entered through the door that went into the outer court, which is a picture of salvation through Jesus Christ (“I… Continue Reading “The Tabernacle: The Inner Court”

The Tabernacle – The Brazen Laver

(Lesson 3 of 6) Now that we have gone through the door (got saved) and made our sacrifice unto the Lord on the Brazen Altar (gave something up in order to grow closer to God).  We are now ready for the next step in… Continue Reading “The Tabernacle – The Brazen Laver”

The Tabernacle: The Brazen Altar

(Lesson 2 of 6) After entering through the door (picture of salvation, see lesson 1) you will find your self in the outer courts of the tabernacle.  Being in the outer courts doesn’t really put you too close to God, but you are much… Continue Reading “The Tabernacle: The Brazen Altar”

Introduction to the Tabernacle

(Lesson 1 of 6) After over 400 years of bondage in Egypt, walking across the Red Sea on dry land, drinking water from a rock and eating manna from heaven, God had a request for Moses and his people. “And let them make me… Continue Reading “Introduction to the Tabernacle”