3 Keys to Victory

David was an incredible warrior that faced numerous battles in his life.  David’s great defeat of the giant, Goliath, is the time that most people believe he was led to pen the eighteenth Psalm.  The first three verses are familiar to many and are definitely some of my personal favorite verses in the book of Psalms.  In these verses, we find that he uses several terms that inspire strength and vitality for those who desire to be good soldiers of Jesus Christ.

David says, “O Lord, my strength.” Clearly indicating an adamant belief that the Lord provides his power, his support, and his security that is necessary to face the adversaries who would rise against him.

David calls God…

“My rock and my fortress.” – stating, “You are my confidence. You are the One that in every situation I am absolutely certain there will be no weakness from you.”

“My deliverer.” – David is saying, “Even when I get myself in a situation where I know I cannot get myself out, I can call on you and I know that You will rescue me. You will preserve my life!

“My buckler.” David indicates his understanding of God as the One who shields him from the fiery darts of the wicked, the One who protects him with that second layer of armor that can reinforce the others and allow him to escape the attacks of the enemy

“The horn of my salvation.” Just as a bull or a ram is able to use his horns to make a way or to push through a blockade; so does the Lord fulfill that need in the lives of his good soldiers.

Let’s take a look at the three bold declarations that David makes in these verses:

I Will Love

Love is such an intricate word; because, it is a decision, it is an action, and yet it is something that we feel very deeply within ourselves.  One of the many expressions of love is obedience: the Lord said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” [John 14:15].  Love expresses a desire, but, most importantly, it expresses a selfless perspective in allowing God’s desires to come above our own, even in times of intense adversity.

I Will Trust

There will be many times, when we are engaged in battle, that we are will desire to retreat and rethink the battle plan.  This may be the result of the desire for self-preservation, or sometimes even being overwhelmed by fear.  Here we are reminded that the decisive actions that are established before the conflict are very important.  David declares clearly here, “I will trust.”  He is expressing a desire to demonstrate his faith in God.  Even when his faith is being tested to its greatest degree, he trusts that God has a purpose, that God has a plan, and that He in His great power will carry him through!

I Will Call

How important it is, especially during times of difficulty and struggle and even crisis that we make it a point to call upon the Lord! We must deliberately spend time in fervent, Spirit-filled and anointed prayer seeking wisdom, searching for understanding, and desiring the ability to see the situation as God does. We must also reinforce the confidence that we have in Him.


You see?  I believe that David was able to clearly describe the Lord with these attributes because he remained faithful in these three decisions: I will love. I will trust. I will call.

Meet the Author


Shannon Foote

A devoted husband, loving father, and Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Marrero, Louisiana

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