The Effects of Doubt – Lesson 3

(Lesson 3 of 3)


We have seen how doubt can affect our personal lives/ministry and, as a result, it affects those around us (Lessons 1 and 2).  As mentioned in previous lessons, doubt is not something that you can hide and ignore.  Doubt will eventually affect every aspect of our lives if it’s not dealt with!  Let’s look at one last area that is affected by our doubt.

This will be the final lesson (3 total) on “The Effects of Doubt”

3. It discredits God’s ability

God has promised to take care of all of our needs according to his riches!  When we doubt a particular need in our life, we are either doubting God’s ability or willingness to supply that need.  There is a good quote that I like to remind myself of from time to time and I think it applies to this topic perfectly… “Worry is simply a lack of faith!”  That can be hard to hear at times, but it’s very true!

            In Matthew 14 you will find the famous story of Peter walking on water.  Peter asked Jesus to allow him to walk on the water and Jesus allowed it!  Peter exercised great faith as he stepped out of the boat and took his first step onto the sea!  He knew that Jesus was able to give him the ability to do this miraculous task.  But as the wind started to blow and the storm began to grow, Peter took his eyes off Jesus and put his focus on the distractions going on around him.  As a result, he started to sink.  The Bible says that Peter cried out to Jesus for help…

  “And immediately Jesus stretched forth [his] hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?” – Matthew 14:31

Although Peter began by exhibiting great faith, he allowed doubt to enter his mind and started sinking as a result.  Peter couldn’t keep the doubt to himself, the effects were seen immediately!  As humans, we will all doubt from time to time, but we need to recognize this and strengthen our faith during these times to limit its effect on our lives.  This was not the only story in the Bible where someone’s doubt discredited the ability and willingness of God almighty!

  • Abraham and Sarah laughed at God… She delivered Isaac at the age of 90
  • Thomas doubted the resurrection of Jesus… Then Jesus appeared unto him
  • Mary and Martha said Jesus was too late… Lazarus rose from the dead
  • Moses told God he had the wrong guy… God used Moses to bring Pharaoh to his knees and free God’s people!

As humans, we like things that are tangible.  We want to be able to see, taste, smell, and feel something so that we can know its real… but God wants us to walk by faith in our Christian life!  Faith is everything!!  We need to recognize when we are having doubt and strengthen our faith to realize that God is in control!  God has never failed to supply a need for his people, and he isn’t going to start with you!

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