The Tabernacle: The Inner Court

(Lesson 4 of 4)

As we approach the inner court of the tabernacle, let’s reflect on what it took to get here.  First, we entered through the door that went into the outer court, which is a picture of salvation through Jesus Christ (“I am the door”).  Then, we went to the Brazen Altar where we needed to sacrifice some of our time, energy, finances, and more in order to make room for the things of God in our life.  After the altar, we found ourselves at the Laver.  Here, we were able to look into the water and was away the areas of our life that needed to be cleaned up (same as the Bible shows us where we need to clean up our lives).  At this point, we are much closer to God than when we first started, but there is still room to grow in our walk with Him!

Upon entering the inner court, you will find three pieces of furniture.  Like the previous pieces of furniture, these pieces are very symbolic and reveal different ways that we can grow closer to God!  Here are some facts about the three pieces and how they apply to us today!

  • The Golden Candlestick

  • It was made from pure gold
    • Gold is symbolic for deity (Jesus)
  • It was beaten into shape out of a solid piece of gold (not made from a mold)
    • Just as Jesus was beaten, scourged, and killed
  • It was built as a one of a kind item, never to be repeated
    • Just as Jesus came to this earth and died for our sins once and for all
  • It was the only source of light in the Inner Court
    • Just as Jesus is the light of this world… without Him, its total darkness
  • The Golden Candlestick should teach us the need to spread the light of Jesus to every soul around the world! Soul-winning is a big part of growing closer to God!  God’s heart beat is seeing souls saved!  Don’t expect to grow close to God without telling others about Jesus!
  • The Table of Shewbread

  • This table had a continuous supply of bread
    • Food is always a sign for fellowship
  • This table was built to very specific dimensions
    • This shows that there are restrictions placed on godly fellowship
  • The table shows us that there is always fellowship with God when we walk in the “Light”! This also shows the importance of godly influences/friends in your life!  Friends can make or break you with your walk with God!  Godly fellowship will always grow your closer to God!
  • The Altar of Incense

  • This is the last piece of furniture before you get to the Holy of Holies
    • The Holy of Holies is where the Ark of the Covenant stays (picture of God)
  • The Altar was always burning incense. As the incense burned, the smoke would go up and over the veil into the Holy of Holies
    • This is a picture of our prayers. When we pray, our prayers are taken straight up to God!  As Christians, we have direct access to God through prayer!
  • Since this is the last piece of furniture and the closest to the Holy of Holies, it shows that prayer is a crucial part of growing closer with God! Just like any relationship, communication is key if it’s going to work!

It is important to remember that we need to consider the tabernacle as a whole if we are going to strengthen our relationship with our heavenly Father!  Don’t wake up one morning, say a prayer to God, and assume that you are as close to God as you can be!  The more that we follow the Bible and listen to His will in our lives, the closer we will grow!

People often wonder what God’s big plan for their life is, but they fail to do what God has already told them to do in the meantime (church attendance, soul-winning, tithing, etc).  If God can’t trust you with His general will, why would He reveal His specific will for your life?


“You are as close to God as you want to be”

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  1. I would like all of the lessons sent via email. I love the foreshadowing of Christ.


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