Is “Contemporary Christian Music” Good?

This is a follow up to “Does the Music You Listen to Matter?”

Here, I want to look at a more specific type of music that tends to blur the lines between good and bad. Christians tend to agree that genres like rock, country, and hip hop aren’t good for a Christian looking to grow closer to God. It’s pretty obvious that those types of music do anything but give glory to God, but what about Contemporary Christian Music (CCM)? This is the music that is being found in churches and homes all across America. It is generally classified as “Christian-Rock”, “Christian-Rap”, etc. CCM has definitely become more popular across the nation in various non-denominational churches and more liberal denominations. So, is it ok? Does it work?

Well, that depends on your goal. Are you wanting more people under your roof? Then yes, it works! Are you wanting a way to relate more with people of the world? Then yes, it works! Are you wanting people to always leave the service feeling encouraged and positive about how they are living their life? Then yes, it works! Sounds great!… right?

Well, here we go… I believe that CCM is possibly the devil’s greatest tool in his arsenal! (read “Does the Music you Listen to Matter?” for background information) We know that he is an expert on music simply by looking at his creation and position in heaven before the fall. God created him for music! Satan understands anything and everything about how music can affect a person. He understands every beat of the drum and strum of the guitar. Satan truly knows what he is doing and CCM is one of his greatest tools!

Let’s look at some big reasons why CCM is bad for Christians to listen to….

We Are Called To Be Separate!

“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.” (II Corinthians 6:17)

As God’s people, we are supposed to strive to be separate from the world. CCM does nothing but try to blur the line between good and evil. In life, there are only two options… it either honors God or it honors the devil! It’s that simple! There isn’t any gray area! You are either doing something that is good or something that is bad. All these genres like “Christian-Rock” are simply tools of Satan to confuse Christians into listening to the wrong kind of music. Think about it… “Christian-Rock”… “Christian” honors God and “Rock” honors the devil… you can’t mix things of this world with things that honor God and expect them to still honor God! Alot of churches today look just like worldly concerts and night clubs! We aren’t called to go into the world and blend in with them, we are called come out of the world and be separate!

The Focus Should Be On Preaching

“For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.” (I Corinthians 1:21)

Music has a great purpose in a service, but it’s not the main event! I have been invited to many of these more liberal churches in my life and they just about all have one thing in common…. they put all the emphasis on the music! They will say, “You should come worship with us this Sunday, our praise team really is special!” or I will ask them how church went last Sunday and they will say, “Oh it was just amazing… this one song really spoke to my heart.” See the problem? Preaching is never mentioned! Music is meant to prepare the hearts for the preaching because that’s the purpose of the service. Church is a time where other believers can get together and listen to the man of God preach from the word of God so that we can all learn and grow together! Church isn’t about the music, it’s about the preaching!

It Is The Perfect Example Of How The Devil Operates

“Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” (II Corinthians 2:11)

“Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made.” (Genesis 3:1a)

“Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” (Ephesians 6:11)

Satan knows what he is doing! The Bible talks about his subtlety, his devices, and his wiles (trickery). The devil is good at many things… temptations, immorality, jealousy… but he does his best work when he makes someone believe they are doing the right thing when they are not. He tricked Eve into eating of the forbidden tree by convincing her there was nothing wrong with it. He was able to convince 1/3 of the angels to rebel against Almighty God before they were banished from heaven. He put sweet girl named Delilah in Samson’s path to trick him into falling out of God’s will for his life. The devil is a tricky, subtle creature. He wants you to feel like you are doing right when you aren’t. He wants you to go to the wrong church so you don’t grow like you should. He wants you to read the wrong Bible so you can’t fully grasp what God wants you to know. And he wants you to listen to the wrong music (even when you think it’s right) so that he can maintain that stronghold in your life.

Music is a big step for alot of people… I encourage you to be safe with what you listen to! It will either only bring glory to God or it will only bring glory to Satan. Just because the song talks about decent things and says “Jesus” every now and then, that doesn’t make it good, godly music!

7 Comments on “Is “Contemporary Christian Music” Good?

  1. Now we are starting to hear songs written and sung by the CCM crowd starting to creep into our churches. We change the beat a little, remove the bands, and make it more churchy…doing this still doesn’t make it right! Great post, Bro. Ty!

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  2. These are great articles Ty! Satan is the master deceived and the father of lies. So many good people in churches are being deceived in to thinking this kind of music is all right, when it is not!

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  3. Another layer in these deceptions is that we are hearing more and more hymns quoted or referenced in these songs. It’s designed to “ease the impact” on older listeners and gently gain their comfort with this form of music. Just because the old hymns are quoted doesn’t make the song, in its entirety, glorifying to the Lord. Great article brother!

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  4. Very convicting!
    I do listen to CCM and still listen to and live the “old hymns” !
    There’s a reason, and I have neglected that reason!
    Not even thinking about the separation!
    In a 4verse hymn, the third verse, there’s a “blood” message and it IS
    Salvation is the message, and the reason for that message should be In that hymn. Jesus.
    As always Ty, this hit home! 😢

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  5. I think you are actually missing the point of the music. You are right that the devil can use anything in this world to do damage to the church, but the converse is God can use anything he wants to bring glory to the church. In the Bible, he used prostitutes to bring good to the world. So we cannot discount the ability of God to use this music to draw kids, who are harder and harder to reach nowadays, closer to Him to provide an opportunity for them to come to know Christ. Many times we sit back and look at these things and think there is no way for God to use this for good but in the end, God finds a way. Those times are due to His followers showing up and being good Christians by doing what was commanded. Terrible storms come through and ravage places and yet within all that damage and chaos and loss of life at times, people are brought to Christ due to the good works of HIs people. CCM should be seen as a doorway to provide opportunities. Christ did not just sit in the churches to talk to people He used whatever venue he could find to teach. CCM is just another way for Him to put his message into more hearts and plant a seed that might eventually bring people to Him. We are to cast seeds wherever we can and if CCM brings 100 people to him then is it not worth it? Yes, I do see that some churches do not teach when they should be but that falls on the people of the church to take care. These men and women who are singing are also preaching and teaching at the same time. They are doing what they see as God’s call to them and that is what all Christians should do and who are we to discount their work for God.


    • I disagree 100%… you say that God used prostitutes to help reach the world (which is true) but He didn’t use their prostitution to reach the world! I would agree that a member of a rock band can do great things for God, but that’s doesn’t mean that he will do so using the rock music… big difference there! God can use anyone, but He is very clear in the Bible that there is a right and wrong way to worship Him. Where do you draw the line?? God can use anything for his glory right?? Alright, so let’s start passing our alcohol with Scripture on it, handing out cigarettes with John 3:16 written on the side, or why not shack up with girls so that you can witness to them in the morning… the end does not justify the means! You can’t use sin to promote the things of God and think He is ok with it! Pretty simple stuff


  6. Music is always going to be a battle. Wherever you draw the line, that is where the fight is going to be. One specific thing I’d like to add to is what we consider “Old Time Fundamental Gospel Hymns” were not even written yet alone thought up when Paul wrote Ephesians 5:19. Will Fanny Crosby songs be sung in Heaven? Perhaps, but Blessed Assurance and Amazing Grace are American. Israel, who God chose as His chosen people may have more influence in Heaven than an era from 1750-1850 . Study Hebrew worship songs for the “Old Time” you are looking for. Everything else is contemporary.


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