What Do You Need?

People tend to disagree on just about everything… but one thing everyone can agree on is that the world is full of people with different needs.  When you walk down the streets of Memphis, you will see people sitting on the sidewalks asking for food.  You can find people standing at intersections holding up cardboard signs that say “Looking for work.”  Single moms working double shifts to try and provide for her kids.  Teenagers cutting their wrists because they don’t think their life has any value.  There are needs all around us.

It is impossible to help everyone around us on our own.  We need to realize that God is the one that can help anyone with any need!  We need to do our best to get them to Jesus!

When Moses was in the backside of the desert, God spoke to him through the burning bush.  During their conversation, Moses asked what he should say when the Israelite children ask for the name of who had sent him.  God’s answer to this question is rather unique.

“And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.” (Exodus 3:14)

I AM?  That is an odd name….  But when you take a step back and realize the meaning of this name, it is very powerful!  You will notice that God didn’t say His name was “I WILL” or “I WAS.”  Why?  Because He is!

You have a health problem?  God says, “I AM the Great Physician”

You need a purpose?  God says, “I AM the Creator”

You need comfort?  God says, “I AM the Comforter”

You need guidance?  God says, “I AM the Shepard”

You want to go to heaven?  God says, “I AM the Saviour”

God will always take care of His children!  Whatever need you have, He is the solution!  Let’s make sure we are doing our best to show others the saving grace of Jesus Christ so that they too can experience the great Almighty God that we serve!

There are problems all around us… Jesus is the answer!

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