Costly Friendships

II Samuel 13

When you read II Samuel 13, you find yourself reading a terrible series of events.  The Bible says that Amnon, the son of David, had developed a love for his sister.  Not the normal love that a brother would have but an evil, wicked, and vile love.  He had these perverted desires for some time, but acted on them.

Why not? What stopped him?  Well, maybe it was the thought of his father David and how disappointed he would be.  Maybe it was his own name and reputation that would be ruined.  Or maybe it’s because he grew up in a godly home where he was taught Biblical principles from a young age.  Whatever the reason, Amnon was able to suppress his thoughts and prevent them from coming true.  He couldn’t see himself actually doing anything to his innocent sister.

“And Amnon was so vexed, that he fell sick for his sister Tamar; for she was a virgin; and Amnon thought it hard to do any thing to her.” (vs 2)

He was able to control his desires for a little while… but he had one problem!  The beginning of verse 3 says it all, “But Amnon had a friend….”  Amnon had a friend by the name of Jonadab.  They grew up close to each other and eventually Amnon told him of his evil desire.  Instead of Jonadab talking Amnon out of it, he told him exactly how to get what he wanted (verse 5).

Amnon took his advice and proceeded to trick his sister and act out his perverted, filthy, Satanic desires with her.  Tamar, being the innocent little girl she was, ran out of the house, tore off her outer garments that symbolized her virginity, threw ashes over her head and went to stay with her brother Absolom.  She never got married, never had kids, and never got to experience the joys of being a lady… all because of what Amnon had done to her!

It all happened because he had Jonadab as a friend!  He talked him into committing this terrible sin!  Why was Tamar’s life ruined? Because Amnon had a friend!

It doesn’t stop there! Once Absolom heard what happened, he left his house and killed Amnon for his evil deed!  Why did Absolom murder Amnon?  Because Amnon had a friend!

Now that Absolom killed Amnon, he had to run for his crime!  Joab was after him and eventually killed him with 3 arrows!  Why did Absolom die?  Because Amnon had a friend!

So now David has lost 2 of his sons and his daughter has been violated and would never be the same! Why?  Because Amnon had a friend!

All these bad things happened because Amnon had a bad choice in friends.  Your friends should lift you up, encourage you, and bring you closer to God.

“He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” (Proverbs 13:20)

Amnon had a bad friend… And it cost him and everyone around him!  Your friends influence every part of your life.  Do you have good friends?  Do your friends bring you closer to God?

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