Not for Sale!

I Kings 21:1-3

In this story we read about a man named Naboth.  He and his family owned a vineyard not too far from the king’s palace.  There doesn’t seem to be anything too special about the vineyard.  The Bible doesn’t mention its size, how many structures are on the property, or even its value.

In verse 2, we learn that King Ahab wanted Naboth’s vineyard for himself.  Ahab wasn’t exactly a good king… in fact, he is usually said to be the worst king that Israel ever had!  Not only was Ahab a bad man but his wife, Jezebel, was even worse!  She was born and raised a pagan that wanted nothing to do with God.  She was known by her peers as a prostitute and murderer.  She was a terrible influence to be around and yet, she was always right there beside Ahab giving him advice.

This story is a perfect picture of how the devil tries to take over different areas of our lives.  Just like Ahab and Jezebel, the devil doesn’t want you to focus on the things of God and he will do whatever it takes to knock you off track!

In verse 2, Ahab offered to buy the vineyard from Naboth or even trade him for a better vineyard in a different location. Satan will always offer a trade for “something better,” but you need to realize that it’s never as good as it seems.

With this hard decision in front of him, Naboth simply responded, The LORD forbid it me, that I should give the inheritance of my fathers unto thee.”

Naboth stood his ground simply because the Bible said he needed to protect his inheritance.  He realized something important… that vineyard wasn’t really his to give away!  That vineyard was given to him by his parents and it was his job to make sure it was still there to give to his kids.  He was entrusted with his vineyard, to keep and protect it!

The same is true for us.  There are things given to us that we need to keep and protect.  Men and women before us did their job and passed things down to us, and we need to make sure we are passing them down to the next generation!

We have been entrusted with…

1) The King James Bible – It is the perfect, inspired word of God.  We need to make sure we are passing it down those who come after us.  The devil will tempt you with lies such as, “other versions are easier to understand” and “it’s not really a big deal, all versions are pretty much the same.”  Keep it and protect it!

2) The local church – The independent Baptist church believes exactly what the Bible teaches.  The Bible is the final authority on all decisions and doctrine.  The church is a great place for encouragement and learning.  We need to make sure the next generation understands the importance of remaining faithful to and serving in your local church.

3) God honoring music – God created music as a way for us to bring glory to Him.  It’s a beautiful thing that can prepare the heart for the preaching.  Beware of these “modern churches” that have praise teams and rock bands in their services in order to “reach more people.”  This is just another trick of the devil to keep people away from where God ultimately wants them.

There are many other things that God has entrusted with us, but we need to make sure we are doing our job protecting what has been given to us!  Naboth was willing to die for this!  The devil is very subtle and is full of false promises.  He will always promise you a “better vineyard” but you need to stand your ground, stick to the old paths, and protect what we have for the next generation.  They are counting on us!  Your beliefs and standards are “not for sale!”


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